Size & Fit Questions

Boot measurements - including heel height, shaft circumference, and shaft height - can be found by visiting our Fit Guide page here.


    The proper fit

    We use time-honored craftsmanship techniques to build handmade boots of unrivaled fit, comfort, and style. Because of their hand-crafted nature, each pair of Cuero boots differs slightly. With more wear, the leather will mold to the contours of your foot, personalizing both boot and fit. Upon first trying them on, you should be looking for a close fit - snug, but not tight to the point of discomfort. 
    • A properly fitting boot should feel like a firm handshake across the instep.
      • More detail: The instep is the section that covers the top of your foot. If the instep is too tight, try a wider width. If the instep is too loose, try a narrower width.
    • The ball of your foot should be in the widest part of the boot.
      • More detail: The ball of your foot is where it bends at the widest section. You will experience discomfort if the ball of your foot is not sitting within the widest part of the boot. 
    • There will be a slight slip in the heel.
      • More detail: Initially, a slight slippage in the heel is normal for a proper fit (of about ¼” to ½”). As the boot’s leather forms to the shape of your foot with wear - the slippage will lessen.
    • You should be able to wiggle your toes easily.
      • More detail: Do NOT press down on the toe area to gauge where you toes end as you might with other shoes, as this could cause damage to your boot.

      How do I know what size to order; do your boots typically run big or small?

        We have designed our boots to fit true to U.S. standard sizing, which means you should order what you normally wear.  Remember to order EE if your feet are E or wider. Otherwise our standard boot width is D. Should you find you need to size up or down we do offer free shipping, returns, and exchanges!


        What widths do you offer?

          For men, we offer D (standard fit) and EE (wider fit) widths currently.
          For women, we offer B (standard fit) width.
          We do not have plans to expand on our width options presently, but it’s certainly a future possibility! 


          Do you offer half sizes?

            We do offer half sizes between all sizes excluding men’s boots sizes 13-15.


            Are your boots good for people with a significantly high instep?

              While our boots are not specially designed for a high instep, that doesn’t mean they won’t work for you! For men, those with a high instep can size up to our EE width. For women, simply size up half a size. Keep in mind that your boots will stretch slightly with wear; and don’t forget we offer free shipping, returns, and exchanges!


              What type of arch support do your boots feature?

                Our boots feature an average amount of arch support - not too high and not too flat, but right in between.


                I’m in between sizes, what should I do?

                  For men: We offer half sizes between all sizes 7 to 12, which also come in widths D and EE. Men’s sizes 13-15 do NOT come in half sizes, but they do come in widths D and EE.
                  If you find your D width boot is too tight, we recommend upgrading to EE width and sizing down half a foot size.
                  For women: We offer half sizes in all sizes, so you can size up or down as needed.


                  My feet are different sizes, can I order a pair with each size?

                    Unfortunately no, we are only able to sell our boots in same-sized pairs.