Product Questions

What are your boots made of / what is the quality of the boots?

    Our boots are made with ultra-soft, premium calfskin leather - both inside & out! 
    We currently offer both leather and suede finishes in certain styles. 

    What styles do you offer?

      The Austin & The Jake: Men’s Roper. 

      The Eastwood & The Lucas: Men’s Cowboy. 

      The Belle & The Jessie: Women’s Bootie. 

      The Nancy: Women’s Cowgirl.


      What color options do you offer?

          We offer 3 leather color options: Espresso (a deep, chocolatey brown), Cherry (a rich brown with red undertones), and Smokehouse Black (a deep black). 
          We offer 2 suede color options: Driftwood Grey (a cloudy, light grey) and Wheat (a medium, golden tan).
          While we are in the beginning stages we will only be offering our current color options for the time being, but we do hope to expand our color options in the future!


          My preferred size or style boot is out of stock, do you take back orders?

          We do not take back orders at this time.


          Do you have a product catalog?

            No, we do not. We choose not to offer a product catalog in order to ensure that our customers have access to our currently available styles, sizes, colors, and pricing. We like to think of our website as a virtual catalog! 


            Do you make custom boots?

              No, the only styles and colors we have to offer are those shown on our website.


              How waterproof or dirt resistant are the suede boots?

                Our suede boots are made to be highly water resistant and repel dirt as well; but over time dirt can accumulate. 


                Do you offer square toe boots?

                  We currently only offer round toe boots.


                  What heel options do you offer?

                    In men’s we offer both roper (flat and shorter) and cowboy (angled and taller) heeled boots.
                    In women’s we offer cowboy heeled boots & booties. Our heels are constructed via leather stacking and feature a rubber bottom layer.


                    Do you offer boots with a rubber outsole?

                      All Cuero boots feature a premium leather outsole. The bottom of our leather stacked heel does feature a rubber layer for grip when walking. We do not offer any boots with a full rubber outsole.


                      Do Cuero boots feature a removable insole?

                        The insole in our boot is not removable.


                        Resoling your Cuero boots:

                          It is normal for the leather soles on your boots to wear out anywhere between a few months and a few years, this is just dependent on the frequency of wear, the weight & gait of the wearer, and the outdoor conditions of wear. We recommend heading to your local cobbler for a resole (and recapping rubber heels if necessary). We’d generally recommend a half-sole resole, which would only replace the worn-out part of the outsole, while maintaining the original peg construction. This typically runs anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on the cobbler.


                          What type of welt construction is used on Cuero boots?

                            Our boots feature a ¾” Goodyear welt construction & lemonwood pegs.


                            Are your boots constructed with any metal components?

                              Yes! Our boots do feature a small, structural metal piece within the boot shaft - Keep this in mind if you find yourself walking through a metal detector in your Cuero boots!