• Who are we?

We are CUERO! Meaning “leather” in Spanish - We have worked closely with Spanish boot makers to create affordable, high-quality leather boots that are handcrafted with care.

  • Where are your boots made?

Our boots are handcrafted in Leon, Mexico. Our headquarters are located in Cypress - on the outskirts of Houston, Texas!

  • Do you have any retail stores that sell Cuero boots?

No - by selling our boots online only, following a direct to consumer business model, we are able to offer our premium boots at such reasonable prices!

  • How does Cuero compare to other boot brands?

We like to let our product speak for itself on this one! Our leather is ultra soft - of the best quality on the market - this paired with our direct to consumer business model, and you’ll find we offer the best quality leather boots at a better price than other brands!




  • What are your boots made of / what is the quality of the boots?

Our boots are made with ultra-soft, premium calfskin leather - both inside & out! 

We currently offer both leather and suede finishes in certain styles. 

  • What styles do you offer?
The Austin & The Jake: Men’s Roper. Shorter shaft of 7 ¾” inches in height, shorter heel height 1 ¼” inch, round toe.
The Eastwood & The Lucas: Men’s Cowboy. Taller shaft of 9” inches in height, taller, angled cowboy style heel with height of 1 ¾” inch, round toe.
The Belle & The Jessie: Women’s Bootie. 5” shaft height & angled, cowboy style heel measuring 1 ¾”.
The Nancy: Women’s Cowgirl. 8 ¼” shaft height &  angled, cowboy style heel measuring 1 ¾”


    • What color options do you offer?
      We offer 3 leather color options: Espresso (a deep, chocolatey brown), Cherry (a rich brown with red undertones), and Smokehouse Black (a deep black). 
        We offer 2 suede color options: Driftwood Grey (a cloudy, light grey) and Wheat (a medium, golden tan).

          While are in the beginning stages we will only be offering our current color options for the time being, but we do hope to expand our color options in the future!

          • Do you make custom boots?

          No, the only styles and colors we have to offer are those shown on our website. 

          • How waterproof or dirt resistant are the suede boots?

          Our suede boots are made to be highly water resistant and repel dirt as well; but over time dirt can accumulate. 

          • Do you offer square toe boots?

          We currently only offer round toe boots.

          • What heel options do you offer?

          In men’s we offer both roper (flat and shorter) and cowboy (angled and taller) heeled boots.

          In women’s we offer cowboy heeled boots & booties. Our heels are constructed via leather stacking and feature a rubber bottom layer.

          • Do you offer boots with a rubber outsole?

          All Cuero boots feature a premium leather outsole. The bottom of our leather stacked heel does feature a rubber layer for grip when walking. We do not offer any boots with a full rubber outsole.

          • Do Cuero boots feature a removable insole?

          The insole in our boot is not removable.

          • Resoling your Cuero boots:

          It is normal for the leather soles on your boots to wear out anywhere between a few months and a few years, this is just dependent on the frequency of wear, the weight & gait of the wearer, and the outdoor conditions of wear. We recommend heading to your local cobbler for a resole (and recapping rubber heels if necessary). We’d generally recommend a half-sole resole, which would only replace the worn-out part of the outsole, while maintaining the original peg construction. This typically runs anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on the cobbler.

          • What type of welt construction is used on Cuero boots?

          Our boots feature a ¾” Goodyear welt construction & lemonwood pegs.

          • Are your boots constructed with any metal components?

          Yes! Our boots do feature a small, structural metal piece within the boot shaft - Keep this in mind if you find yourself walking through a metal detector in your Cuero boots!


          • Care & Maintenance:
        • Storage:
        • You should store your Cuero boots in a dry and dark place. It is ideal to store your boots with tissue, newspaper, or a cedar shoe tree inside of them - but make sure it’s not stretching the leather. You should brush dirt off after every wear with a horsehair brush; you can also use a damp cloth if necessary. We also recommend alternating your boot-wearing days to let your boots properly dry out between wears.
        • Conditioning & Polishing:
        • Polishing should be done only after any conditioning, and it is entirely based on preference. If your boots are clean and you don't have time to condition, using spray shine sparingly should be fine! We recommend using a neutral polish to avoid colors not matching. 

        • How to condition your Cuero boots:
          1. Remove all dirt or dust with horsehair brush or damp cloth.
          2. While the boots are still damp, lightly apply a conditioner over the entire boot, ideally with your fingers but can also do with a brush.
          3. Let conditioner dry, then buff with horsehair brush.
            How to polish your Cuero boots:
              1. After conditioning and buffing the boots (so they are dry), apply a thin coat of a wax-based neutral polish to all the areas you wish to shine. The entire area to be shined should be covered with a slightly shiny layer.
              2. Let the polish dry, then brush off with a soft cloth.
              3. Buff with a horsehair brush to the desired level of shine.
                DO NOT attempt to condition or polish the suede boots. The best way to clean your suede boots is either using a cleaner designed specifically for suede, or using a suede “eraser.” In the latter instance, you may use an eraser to lightly scrub any dirty areas, and follow up by buffing the nap (or the “fuzz”) clean with a suede brush.



                  ~SIZE & FIT FAQs~

                  • The proper fit:

                  We use time-honored craftsmanship techniques to build handmade boots of unrivaled fit, comfort, and style. Because of their hand-crafted nature, each pair of Cuero boots differs slightly. With more wear, the leather will mold to the contours of your foot, personalizing both boot and fit. Upon first trying them on, you should be looking for a close fit - snug, but not tight to the point of discomfort. 

                  • A properly fitting boot should feel like a firm handshake across the instep.
                    • More detail: The instep is the section that covers the top of your foot. If the instep is too tight, try a wider width. If the instep is too loose, try a narrower width.
                  • The ball of your foot should be in the widest part of the boot.
                    • More detail: The ball of your foot is where it bends at the widest section. You will experience discomfort if the ball of your foot is not sitting within the widest part of the boot. 
                  • There will be a slight slip in the heel.
                    • More detail: Initially, a slight slippage in the heel is normal for a proper fit (of about ¼” to ½”). As the boot’s leather forms to the shape of your foot with wear - the slippage will lessen.
                  • You should be able to wiggle your toes easily.
                    • More detail: Do NOT press down on the toe area to gauge where you toes end as you might with other shoes, as this could cause damage to your boot.

                  • How do I know what size to order; do your boots typically run big or small?

                  We have designed our boots to fit true to U.S. standard sizing, which means you should order what you normally wear.  Remember to order EE if your feet are E or wider. Otherwise our standard boot width is D. Should you find you need to size up or down we do offer free shipping, returns, and exchanges!

                  • What widths do you offer?

                  For men, we offer D (standard fit) and EE (wider fit) widths currently.

                  For women, we offer B (standard fit) width.

                  We do not have plans to expand on our width options presently, but it’s certainly a future possibility! 

                  • Do you offer half sizes?

                  We do offer half sizes between all sizes excluding men’s boots sizes 13-15.

                  • Are your boots good for people with a significantly high instep?

                  While our boots are not specially designed for a high instep, that doesn’t mean they won’t work for you! For men, those with a high instep can size up to our EE width. For women, simply size up half a size. Keep in mind that your boots will stretch slightly with wear; and don’t forget we offer free shipping, returns, and exchanges!

                  • What type of arch support do your boots feature?

                  Our boots feature an average amount of arch support - not too high and not too flat, but right in between.

                  • I’m in between sizes, what should I do?

                  For men: We offer half sizes between all sizes 7 to 12, which also come in widths D and EE. Men’s sizes 13-15 do NOT come in half sizes, but they do come in widths D and EE.

                  If you find your D width boot is too tight, we recommend upgrading to EE width and sizing down half a foot size.

                  For women: We offer half sizes in all sizes, so you can size up or down as needed.

                  • My feet are different sizes, can I order a pair with each size?

                  Unfortunately no, we are only able to sell our boots in same-sized pairs. 

                  ~SHIPPING FAQs~

                  • How much does shipping cost?

                  FREE! We offer free shipping on all orders shipping within the 48 contiguous United States, and free return shipping if necessary! A paid for return shipping label is provided with each purchase.

                  • How long does shipping take?

                  Shipping takes 1-2 business days for orders placed Mon-Fri. And 2-3 business days for orders placed Sat-Sun.

                  We also offer expedited shipping services via FedEx (Next Business Day and 2nd Business Day), these options are available at checkout for an additional charge.

                  • Where do you ship to?

                  We currently ship via FedEx ground to any location within the 48 contiguous United States. 

                  Sorry, we do not ship to Hawaii and Alaska or internationally at this time. 




                  • Need to return or exchange your boots?

                  We offer free returns & exchanges within the first 30 days of receipt of your boots. 

                  Each pair of boots includes, in the box, a return/exchange form and detailed instructions on the process. 

                  • Important notes regarding our return & exchange policy: 

                  You have 30 days to return or exchange your purchase. 

                  We do require the boots to be unworn and in the same brand new condition you received them in, including all original packaging (including the shoe box, travel boot bag, plastic covering, inserts, and hang tags). Full Policy: https://www.cuero.com/pages/return-exchanges 

                  • I’m returning my boots for a refund or exchange - how long does it take to get my refund or my new pair?

                  Once you ship your boots back and we have received them at our warehouse:

                  Please allow 12 business days for returns to be processed & the refund to appear on your statement; or for your new pair of boots to be shipped in the instance of an exchange.  

                  We will notify you via email once your return or exchange has been processed.


                  • Can I make changes to my order or cancel my order?

                  The answer to this varies on a case by case basis, as we are only able to edit or cancel an order before it has been processed and loaded for shipment. Reaching out to our customer service team immediately after order placement will give you the best chance for order changes or cancellations.

                  • I was gifted a pair of Cuero boots and I need to return or exchange them.

                  We are very sorry that your gifted Cuero boots did not work for you! Please email or call our customer service team at info@cuero.com or 855-549-2148 for assistance in returning your boots. 

                  For any item being returned, the refund amount will be credited to the original purchaser's method of payment. Please note we will need some information to pull up the order that the gift was purchased on - such as the gifter’s phone number, first + last name, and/or their email address. 

                  • I’ve misplaced my return shipping label and I need to make a return/exchange, what can I do?

                  There is a customer help portal located under the returns & exchanges tab on our website where you may submit a request for a new return shipping label.

                  • There was no return shipping label in my box and I need to make a return/exchange, what can I do?

                  There is a customer help portal located under the returns & exchanges tab on our website where you may submit a request for a new return shipping label.




                  ~GENERAL FAQs~

                  • Does Cuero offer gift certificates or gift cards?

                  We do not offer gift certificates or gift cards at this time. 

                  • What forms of payment do you accept?

                  We accept all major debit and credit cards: American Express, VISA, Discover, Mastercard.

                  • Can I pay using a gift card?

                  We do accept most pre-paid gift cards: American Express, VISA, Discover, Mastercard.

                  For return instances, payment will be refunded in the form of another gift card. 

                  • Do you offer PayPal or other payment methods?

                  We offer Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal. 

                  • Can I use multiple forms of payment to make my purchase?

                  No, only one credit card can be used per order.

                  • Do you charge sales tax?

                  We do charge sales tax on orders with a Texas billing address.

                  • My preferred size or style boot is out of stock, do you take back orders?

                  We do not take back orders at this time.

                  • Do you have a product catalog?

                  No, we do not. We choose not to offer a product catalog in order to ensure that our customers have access to our currently available styles, sizes, colors, and pricing. We like to think of our website as a virtual catalog! 

                  • Will you price match if my boots go on sale right after I purchase?

                  Yes! If the price on your purchased boots drops within 10 days of your purchase date, we will be happy to issue you a credit for the price difference! Contact our customer service team via phone or email to request your price match: 855-549-2148 / info@cuero.com 

                  • I couldn’t find the answer to my question, how can I talk to a representative from Cuero?

                  You can contact us via the Live Chat function on our website, email us at info@cuero.com, or give us a call at 855-549-2148.



                  ~CUERO WARRANTY POLICY~

                  • Do you offer a warranty on your boots?

                  Cuero warrants its products to the original purchaser against manufacturer’s defects in workmanship and materials for up to one year after the purchase date. The warranty does not cover any damage due to excessive wear, abuse, or damage from external objects. If your Cuero product has a defect and is under warranty, Cuero will repair or replace it. In the event we are unable to repair or replace the item, Cuero may issue a refund. Cuero products under warranty will be replaced or repaired by Cuero craftsmen from materials of equal or greater quality within 60 days of receipt of the product. Due to Cuero’s unique components, any work performed on your item other than Cuero skilled craftsmen will render the warranty null and void.

                  Should you need to file a warranty claim, you can do so by contacting our customer service team via email.