Care & Maintenance


You should store your Cuero boots in a dry and dark place. It is ideal to store your boots with tissue, newspaper, or a cedar shoe tree inside of them - but make sure it’s not stretching the leather. You should brush dirt off after every wear with a horsehair brush; you can also use a damp cloth if necessary. We also recommend alternating your boot-wearing days to let your boots properly dry out between wears.


Conditioning & Polishing:

Polishing should be done only after any conditioning, and it is entirely based on preference. If your boots are clean and you don't have time to condition, using spray shine sparingly should be fine! We recommend using a neutral polish to avoid colors not matching. 

  • How to condition your Cuero boots:
    1. Remove all dirt or dust with horsehair brush or damp cloth.

    2. While the boots are still damp, lightly apply a conditioner over the entire boot, ideally with your fingers but can also do with a brush.

    3. Let conditioner dry, then buff with horsehair brush.

      • How to polish your Cuero boots:
          1. After conditioning and buffing the boots (so they are dry), apply a thin coat of a wax-based neutral polish to all the areas you wish to shine. The entire area to be shined should be covered with a slightly shiny layer.

          2. Let the polish dry, then brush off with a soft cloth.

          3. Buff with a horsehair brush to the desired level of shine.

            DO NOT attempt to condition or polish your suede boots. The best way to clean your suede boots is either using a cleaner designed specifically for suede, or using a suede “eraser.” In the latter instance, you may use an eraser to lightly scrub any dirty areas, and follow up by buffing the nap (or the “fuzz”) clean with a suede brush.